Top Reasons Why Our Clients Choose This Firm

Reason One:

Our Clients Come First; We Are Partners From Day One.

The value of having the best lawyer on your team goes beyond numbers. The physical, emotional and financial toll of having to deal with the aftermath of serious injuries or wrongful death can be overwhelming for the injury victim or their family. We take the guesswork out of this difficult process so that you and your family can focus on whats most important-healing and putting your life back together. The top rated Brod Law Firm has Big firm resources but is not too big to provide prompt,  personalized attention to our clients. Attorney Gary Brod and his team never forgets you are the most important person in our office. It's no longer you versus them-its us versus them. We listen carefully to what you have to say. We will work hard to establish a professional, long-term relationship with you... because we care about your continuing success. We love what we do and our clients know it and appreciate it. We are proud of the fact that most of our cases are referred by our past clients and families who represent all age groups and span several decades. See their handwritten testimonials and five star reviews. Don't take our word for it, just view what our clients say about us AND...who we represented.

Reason Two:

Extensive Experience As The Voice of the Injured Victim

Nothing beats experience, Its true, nothing, especially speaking from experience as a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer and founder of a top rated personal Injury Law Firm. Over thirty years experience on the side of personal injury victims only from day one to successful conclusion. Experience in dealing with the attorneys for the insurance companies, in court and at the negotiating table representing injured persons only, day in and day out for over three decades and it shows in the results we obtain for our clients. 30 years experience in handling large cases involving serious and catastrophic personal injury. Experience in dealing with all insurance companies in the state including Alllstate and its subsidiaries, Good To Go Insurance Company, Infinity, Amica, Chubb Group, Donegal, Erie, Esurance, Everett Cash Mutual, Farmers, Geico, Hartford, Kemper, Liberty Mutual, MIC, Encompass,  Nationwide, Travelers, Omni, Pennsylvania National Mutual, Pharmacy Mutual, Safeco, Progressive, Safe Auto, Goodville Mutual, SEPTA, State Auto, State Farm, USAA and many others from out of state. All companies are not the same. Gary Brod and the Brod Law Firm have a distinct competitive advantage in settling cases and achieving maximum recoveries for their clients. The insurance companies involved in your claims want to pay you as little as possible-even your own insurance company... the very opposite of your goals. We know how each company operates and we know the players, and they know us. We know the companies that waste your time and make lowball offers and we take them to court.  We know what it takes to get things done. Insurance companies know that if Gary Brod is your attorney and they do not make a fair settlement offer he will take your case to trial. The best personal injury lawyers know how to treat their clients and make the law work for them. Gary Brod and the personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Reading, Pennsylvania and Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania have been fighting for the rights of auto accident, medical malpractice, and other victims of negligence for over three decades. It stands to reason that the longer an attorney has been practicing in a particular field of law, the more he will know about it and the more he will know to get the most possible out of your injury case.

Reason Three:

100% Dedicated to Representing Injured Persons Only, Never Insurance Companies.

From the moment our doors opened over 30 years ago with less than a handful of cases we have never wavered in our mission to devote 100% of this practice to fighting to obtain maximum compensation for injured persons exclusively, never businesses or insurance companies... ever! We are accident lawyers, that is all we do. What makes Gary Brod a top rated Philadelphia personal injury lawyer? Credentials, training, performance and experience. Some people call themselves top rated personal injury lawyers but Gary Brod has achieved multiple third party recognition as a top personal injury lawyer by earning induction to organizations devoted to recognizing personal injury practice expertise, reputation and excellence, including The National Trial Lawyers, Top 100, Million Dollar Advocates Forum and listed as Top Ten Pennsylvania Attorney by The National Academy of personal Injury Attorneys for 2020.

Reason Four:


The Brod Law Firm and Top Rated Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Gary Brod have the best ratings possible from clients, lawyers and the most reputable impartial lawyer consumer ratings organizations in the areas of communication, value for the money, responsiveness and quality of service. Among the many awards and accolades earned by  this firm  is our 10/10, "Superb Rating" in Personal Injury from Avvo, Client Distinction Award of 5/5 rating, Preeminent from Martindale-Hubble, named in Best Attorneys In America since 2016. and A+ rating from BBB. Gary Brod and the Brod Law Firm have a well earned reputation for zealously representing injured individuals and aggressively seeking the highest possible compensation for our clients. When you hire Attorney Gary Brod, the insurance company will realize you are serious about your claim.

Reason Five:

Prompt, Personal Attention

Responsiveness Counts. That's what we hear from our clients and that's one of the reasons we stand apart. Our injured clients appreciate the top legal representation and prompt, personal attention offered by Gary Brod. 1. Responsiveness in returning telephone calls or e-mails. 2. Responsiveness in answering our injured accident victim's questions. 3. Responsiveness in providing crucial informative information. 4. Responsiveness in completing paperwork to move the claims forward. 5. Responsiveness in obtaining and providing information to the insurance company(s) 6. Responsiveness in keeping you informed on all aspects of the progress of your case. 7. Responsiveness in demanding that the insurance company pay what is due our clients or swift legal consequences will follow. From your first call to this office you will know you have an experienced attorney working on every detail of your case on your behalf. We are available 24/7/365. Attorney Gary Brod and his team  pay attention to your legal needs and are accessible and responsive. Gary Brod listens and personally returns your telephone calls and can answer all your personal injury questions. When you want advice he will give you answers in plain English that make sense. We believe that the more you understand about the law and the legal process, the more effective team we become together to achieve your best result. We are small enough to give you personal attention but have the experience and resources to handle the most demanding and complex serious injury cases. We consistently strive to bring our cases to as quick and fair a resolution as possible, whether by settlement or litigation. We do not allow our files to sit and become stale. That, we believe, sends the wrong message to the insurance company. We are not laid back when it comes to handling your case and we will move as quickly as possible in helping you get back on on your feet-and when it comes to getting payment of your settlement or award monies we will do all possible to make sure you have it in your hands within days... not months after resolution.

Reason Six:

Results Matter

Each prospective case is prepared as though it will go to trial. This process begins from the moment we accept your case. But this office is not an "accident mill" where we use a "cookie cutter" approach. Your case is unique and treated as such. The difference between a top law firm and many others is the depth of analysis and detail that is put into every case. The central focus of a personal injury case is always the client's injuries.  Attorney Gary Brod and his team know that our opponents will take the case and us seriously if they know we have all the ammunition and are ready, willing and able to proceed to trial if a satisfactory settlement offer is not made. The fact is that most cases here are settled before it is necessary to reach a verdict is no accident, because cases that are prepared well, settle well. Your lawyer's experience and reputation do make a difference in obtaining a result that exceeds your expectations. It is a fact that this firm has settled over 730 cases for the insurance company's full policy limits, the highest amount you can obtain for any one case. Mr. Brod is a member of Million Dollar Advocates Forum, one of the most prestigious groups of top trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. Members must demonstrate, in an objective and tangible way, their ability to accomplish superior results in complex cases. Certification by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum provides recognition of such accomplishment.

Reason Seven:

No Recovery/No Fee

What does this mean? 1. You don't pay me to represent you. 2. You do not owe me a penny, ever unless we recover money for you. 3. If we don't win, you don't pay. 3. Free Confidential Consultation. 4. No fee taken for handling of your property damages claim. 5. Talk to Gary Brod or anyone in our office whenever you need assistance. You will never be billed for a telephone call, e-mail, meeting or any other form of communication. 6. No hourly fees or up front costs which may include investigation, evidential photography, expert witness fees, medical report costs and court costs. We assume all the risk. You will never owe us anything if we are unable to make a recovery for you.  7. We will negotiate with providers of any outstanding medical bills to arrange lower payments, saving you potentially thousands of dollars. 8. The greatest benefit of choosing a Contingency Fee Lawyer means you have nothing to lose and with our track record of 97%+ success rate on cases, the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor.

The Mission of Attorney Gary Brod and The Firm

Attorney Gary Brod and his team are proud of the fact this firm was literally built up, "brick by brick", one case at a time. As a leading Pennsylvania firm, our mission has always been to the same: To treat each client as we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. We believe in keeping our clients currently informed on the status of their matters. From day one, we make ourselves personally available to discuss our clients' concerns and to respond promptly and thoughtfully to their questions. We aggressively pursue our client's goals continually moving the case forward as quickly as the system allows and using every legally available means to fight for their rights to obtain the maximum possible compensation. It is no coincidence that our resourceful and concerned staff is an extension of this firm's mission. In fact, Attorney Gary Brod attributes much of his success to his staff's commitment and client satisfaction. We have a proven track record of success.

The Best Strategy Ensures Success

We approach every personal injury matter strategically based upon the unique sets of facts and circumstances presented in each case. Gary Brod's direct approach and thorough preparation ensures the success of the cases he accepts. The preparation includes extensive investigation and fact-finding with the objective to find the best approach for reaching the most favorable jury award or settlement. Each prospective case is prepared from day one as though it will be tried in a courtroom. This process begins from the moment we accept your case. But this office is not an assembly line where we use a "cookie cutter" approach. We take all cases we handle seriously. Your case is unique and treated as such. The fact is that most cases are settled before trial. Attorney Gary Brod and his team know that our opponents will take the case and us seriously if they know we have all the ammunition and are ready, willing and able to proceed to trial if a satisfactory settlement offer is not made.

It is Necessary that Certain Steps Are Taken To Achieve The Best Result In Your Case

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Gary Brod of The Brod Law Firm knows that maintaining our reputation is an asset to a client and that is why we do not take short cuts when preparing a case. Gary Brod, a highly rated Pennsylvania  personal injury attorney has the experience, tenacity and dedication to potentially exceed your expectations regarding the handling of your Pennsylvania Injury Claim. Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Gary Brod welcomes the painstaking and careful work required during trial preparation which starts from day one, so no matter what the size of the case here, it is prepared thoroughly, meticulously and systematically every step of the way so that it will be trial ready if required. This office has the appropriate network and resources to secure the best experts to support your case, in Pennsylvania and Nationwide. Attorney Brod knows that the selection of the best possible experts is very crucial to your chances of success in a complex case as well as in what may appear to be a simple slip and fall matter. Attorney Gary Brod and his staff have access to and work closely with a large network of medical, therapeutic, financial and scientific/engineering experts to support your case. Importantly, Gary Brod, firmly believes the first and only priority is in investing in our client's cases, not in television advertising. As time is of the essence in the initial fact gathering stages after a negligent act it is very important that you notify one of our personal injury lawyers at our offices in Philadelphia, Reading, Bala Cynwyd and Centre Square, Pennsylvania  as early as possible where an injury or death is involved in order that necessary evidence is obtained and preserved.

There is A Strong Advantage In Hiring Your Lawyer As Soon As Possible To Preserve Important Information About Your Claim

When you hire car accident injury lawyer, Gary Brod, the insurance company will realize you are serious about your claim. Early contact with an attorney is always advantageous to you. In particular, early notification is very important in a serious trucking or industrial accident in order that one of our personal injury lawyers may have the opportunity to have the appropriate investigators, engineers and experts on the scene to gather data, obtain driver information, take photographs and record observations as soon as possible after a tragic occurrence. This rule even applies where one suspects that they or a loved one is a victim of malpractice. In one successful medical malpractice case, our evidential photographer secured photographs of the victim at critical stages in her treatment, which gave the jury the unique ability to visualize the full extent of the unfortunate individual's suffering. Because we were involved with the case in its early stages, we were able to secure crucial evidence that positively affected the outcome.

If you have a question for one of our personal injury lawyers call attorney Gary Brod and The Brod Law Firm today for free advice. Even if we do not feel you require legal counsel we can often give advice that may be of assistance to you.

Don't settle for less than you deserve. Insurance companies have trial lawyers. Shouldn't you have an experienced personal injury trial lawyer on your side? Obtain the benefits that a seasoned trial lawyer can provide you. Call Gary Brod anytime for a no obligation consultation at his offices in Philadelphia, Montgomery County or Berks County, Reading, Pennsylvania at 888-435-7946 (888-HELPWIN) There is never a fee to discuss your case or answer questions about your legal rights. We would be honored to review your case and if taken to fight vigorously for you.

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