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The auto accident attorneys serving Delaware County at The top rated Brod Law Firm and victims of rear-end collisions know that these common accidents are no small event. Though rear-end collisions are the most common form of auto accident in America, they can cause a large amount of pain and suffering. The National Safety Council reports that there are 2.5 million rear-end collisions a year, resulting in injuries for many victims nationally and in Pennsylvania. We know injury law and can help you with your injury claims if you have been the victim of a rear-end collision. Besides being a top rated car accident and personal injury lawyer, Gary Brod has the unique advantage in having lived in Delaware County for over 30 years, giving him firsthand knowledge of all the roads in the area including West Chester Pike, Sproul Road, Gradyville Road, Route 202,Route 252, Route 320, Route 476 and all adjoining roads. He has represented many residents of Delaware County in accidents throughout Pennsylvania, handling auto accidents and personal injury claims exclusively and is ideally suited to handling your case.

Because Gary Brod is a Delaware County area rear end accident injury lawyer who knows how to try rear end collision cases and win; he knows what it takes to win top settlements for his injured clients.

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Pennsylvania Rear-End Car Accident Law

Pursuant to Pennsylvania auto accident laws, a driver who hits another driver from behind is generally at fault.  Pennsylvania's Rules of the Road provide in section 3310, a driver should not follow too closely and leave a safe distance between the driver's car and the car head.  It provides:

(a) General rule. The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of the vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the highway.

Simply put, a driver is supposed to leave enough distance between his car and the car in front, taking into consideration weather and traffic conditions in order to be able to stop safely and avoid a rear-end crash.

A rear-end collision occurs when the front bumper of a car makes contact with the rear bumper of another car. Generally this occurs because the driver of the rear vehicle was distracted or reckless. The rising popularity of cellular telephones and the increasing number of young drivers on the road contribute to this collision problem. In Delaware County, car accident lawyers often hear reports that the driver of the rear vehicle did not even have his or her eyes on the road directly before the collision occurred.

Delaware County Hit From Behind Accident Lawyers

Though rear-end collisions often happen at low speeds, this does not mean that passengers will only receive minor injuries. Insurance companies try to prove that low speeds do not result in serious injury, but the medical community is increasingly reporting that spinal injuries and serious neck injuries can result from low-speed collisions. All of the car accident attorneys at The Brod Law Firm have contacts with the medical community and are usually able to prove that injuries do result from even low-speed collisions. Since most rear bumpers on cars are designed to protect the body of the car and not the bodies of passengers, the impact from the collision can cause serious physical damage to passengers.

Victims are only entitled to compensation for injuries sustained in rear-end collisions in Pennsylvania if their car accident lawyer can prove that the defendant was negligent. Top rated attorney Gary Brod and The Brod Law Firm have litigated and successfully resolved many serious personal injury cases in Delaware County and can help you receive the compensation you need. Contact our Delaware County car crash lawyers today to get the compensation you need!

Injuries Commonly Sustained During Rear-End Collisions In Delaware County

The most common injury reported after rear-end collisions is neck trauma - a hyperextension of the neck. Whiplash type injury occurs when the body is propelled forward at the time of impact. Since the head is not touching any part of the seat, it is thrown back, causing damage to the muscles in the neck. This trauma is a type of connective tissue injury and many victims have suffered from this injury in Delaware County. A very severe impact from the rear can often cause serious spinal cord damage in the neck (cervical spine area) which may require surgery. What can even make matters worse is when the impact pushes your car into the vehicle ahead of you and you are subjected to an additional impact. Our car accident attorneys know how to aggressively litigate these types of cases so that you can receive the money and compensation you need to be satisfied with what our top rated Delaware County accident attorney's results for you.

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