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When elevators or escalators are defective, their faulty maintenance can result in accidents and injuries. If the property owner or manager did not properly maintain the defective escalator or elevator, he or she is liable for injuries victims sustain during elevator accidents.

For a claim to be successful, it is important to determine whether or not the property owner or manager was negligent. The Brod Law Firm prides itself on our expert case assessments provided by our personal injury attorneys in our Montgomery County offices in Bala Cynwyd and Centre Square. Pennsylvania courts often consider whether or not the owner knew about the unsafe conditions, how long he or she was aware of the problem and whether or not the owner took the necessary steps to rectify the problem. That is why our personal injury lawyers help Montgomery County clients in gathering evidence.

Injuries sustained in elevator accidents are often severe and even fatal. Because many elevator accidents involve the victim falling from great heights, these injuries can be extremely serious. For example we have had a number of cases where the elevator suddenly drops many floors coming to a sudden stop severely jarring the victims and causing them to fall hard against the floor and sides of the compartment. We have utilized top experts to help prove our elevator accident cases, resulting in sizable recoveries. If you or a loved one was a victim of unsafe conditions, The Brod Law Firm encourages you to contact our personal injury lawyers today. Each year, The Brod Law Firm personal injury attorneys help Montgomery County, Pennsylvania area victims receive compensation for physical and mental injuries.

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