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Collisions with freight trucks and tractor-trailers cause a large number of traffic fatalities in America and in Berks County. For over thirty years, truck accident attorneys at The Brod Law Firm have been committed to ensuring that our clients receive maximum compensation in these cases. Because drivers of these trucks are under pressure to reach their destination, they often drive when exhausted and impaired. They drive when their reaction time and attentiveness are severely compromised. This fatigue, coupled with the size and mass of the vehicles, accounts for the large number of serious injuries and fatalities tractor-trailers cause.

Although recent legislation has attempted to prevent overly exhausted drivers from getting behind the wheel of tractor-trailers, injuries and fatalities continue to occur nationally and locally in Berks County. Car accident lawyers at The Brod Law Firm, headed by top rated attorney, Gary Brod are retained in many cases involving tractor-trailers each year. Because of the size of tractor-trailers, truck drivers often receive minor injuries compared to the major injuries and fatalities of passengers in smaller vehicles, and our Berks County truck accident attorneys want to ensure that the victims of these accidents are fully compensated for these injuries. Early investigation is key along with knowing what data to look for, where to find it and how to use it. Handling trucking accidents requires experience in knowing the regulations and how they apply to your case. What sets this firm apart is over 30 years experience in successfully representing accident victims in motor vehicle crashes involving trucks and tractor trailers. The skill and experience of the trucking accident attorney you hire does make a difference in how much you will be compensated and even whether or not you will win or lose your case. No need to take our word for it. See what our past clients say about us, not to mention we have received the highest ratings exclusively reserved for auto accident attorneys in respected lawyer ratings and consumer organizations including AVVO 5 star reviews.  

Recent 2023 Recovery for Injuries suffered in truck accident$229,000.00 Settlement:  42 year truck driver on work duty, injured back, neck and knee in T-Bone type accident with another truck. He underwent knee surgery to repair meniscal and PCL tears.


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The Role of Insurance Companies in Truck Accidents

If you are involved in a truck accident in Reading and have insurance, you probably have the feeling that everything should be covered. However, all insurance companies are for-profit businesses whose success depends on paying as few claims as possible. We will never let you get pushed around by any insurance company.

Because he has over 30 years experience exclusively representing accident victims, Top Rated Berks County injury attorney, Gary Brod knows how to get the insurance companies to listen, take your truck accident case seriously and get the insurance company(s) to pay you what you deserve.

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Injuries Commonly Sustained During Tractor-Trailer Collisions
At The Brod Law Firm in Berks County, our car truck accident injury lawyers are aware of the severe dangers surrounding tractor-trailer accidents. The injuries passengers receive range in type and severity depending on where the vehicles hit, the speed at which the vehicles were traveling and the size and make of the vehicles involved.

Passengers who are involved in tractor-trailer collisions can receive moderate injuries, but often injuries are rather severe. Philadelphia car accident attorneys at our firm report that the most common moderate injuries include head and neck injuries, back injuries, broken bones, cuts and bruises and other soft-tissue injuries. Severe injuries can include brain damage, spinal fractures and internal injuries. Unfortunately, fatalities can also occur during tractor-trailer collisions. Gary Brod is an experienced Berks County truck accident lawyer and founder of The Brod Law Firm. He has the expertise to handle large cases involving serious injuries. He understands the severe consequences that result from accidents involving trucks on the road and highways. He has handled over 193 cases involving trucks and tractor trailers.

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