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Commonly known as a "slip and fall" case "fall down" or premises liability case, these instances cause personal injury when a person slips, falls or trips on a surface.The Brod Law Firm personal injury attorneys represent Chester County, Pennsylvania area clients in these types of cases when the slip and fall was the result of negligence on the part of a property owner or manager. In most successful slip and fall cases, the victim falls because the surface is unexpectedly slick or irregular. If this unsafe surface was preventable, a negligent property owner may be liable for the injuries the victim sustained.

To determine whether or not a property owner in Chester County was negligent and is liable, there are a number of factors that must by considered by our personal injury attorneys. Pennsylvania courts often consider whether or not the owner knew about the unsafe conditions, how long he or she was aware of the problem and whether or not the owner took the necessary steps to rectify the problem.

Your legal status on the property in Chester County determines your ability to make a claim against the property owner whether or not it is a private individual or a business. The highest duty is owned to someone on a business premises such as a potential customer. The legal term to describe such an individual is business invitee and they are owed the highest duty of care. Business owners have a duty to make the property safe and warn of hazardous conditions. The next highest legal status is a licensee. They, however are not owed the same high degree of care by the owners as the business invitee. Similarly, licensees have permission to enter the property but the owners have no duty to warn of hidden hazards. The lowest duty is owed to a trespasser because they do not have permission to be on a property and they proceed at their peril. The property owner is only liable if he intentionally causes harm to another on his property.

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What type of fall would be described in the category of slip and fall?

  • falling on a slippery floor without a warning posted
  • falling down steps that were broken or loose
  • tripping over an unsecured mat
  • slipping on floor due to lack of proper non slip matting
  • falling due to loose or damaged carpet on a floor or stairway
  • falling due to no lighting
  • falling on ice and snow that was not cleared in a timely manner

Here are some important initial steps to take.

  • notify the property owner immediately and make sure they make a report and give you a copy-in other words don't wait three days to report the incident
  • take photos of the defect, ice or spill- or if you are unable due to your injury have the witness or trusted friend do this for you ASAP
  • obtain names and telephone numbers of eyewitnesses
  • seek immediate medical treatment in the emergency room, urgent care center or with your physician
  • contact your lawyer

Common injuries sustained during slip and fall cases include minor bruising and broken bones to major back, neck and head injuries. If you or a loved one was a victim of unsafe conditions, The Brod Law Firm encourages you to contact our personal injury lawyers serving Chester County today! Each year, The Brod Law Firm personal injury attorneys help Chester County Pennsylvania victims receive compensation for physical and mental injuries. Because Gary Brod is a Chester County slip and fall attorney who knows how to try injury cases and win; he knows how to win top settlements for his injured clients. 

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