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Who are the "best Northeast Philadelphia car accident lawyers". You may be viewing this site because you or a family member have recently been in a car accident. Who determines who is the best Northeast Philadelphia accident lawyer for you? Years of experience representing auto accident victims and reputation are important criteria, as well as the number of cases resulting in a favorable resolution. We know the people and communities in having represented over 1629 auto accident victims from Northeast Philadelphia in a 30 year time span. Our office is minutes away from Cottman and Roosevelt Boulevard and our Bala Cynwyd office is blocks from the Schuylkill Expressway. Another factor in making that decision is by seeing what other clients have said who are familiar with that particular lawyer or law firm or in having a referral from a past client. For an idea about what others have said and written about this firm view our clients' testimonials, not to mention the top ratings received from the respected lawyer ratings and consumer organizations including AVVO. If you are looking for top representation that provides prompt, personal attention with a focus on results you have an easy choice.

OUR PLEDGE: You Will Never Have An Inexperienced Associate Handling Your Case. You are hiring top rated personal injury attorney Gary Brod to handle your case from start to finish with the goal of achieving the top results you deserve.

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We are a Philadelphia Firm established by lead attorney Gary Brod in December of 1985 dedicated to the sole purpose of representing injured accident victims. Because of our offices' unique locations we have been selected often by northeast Philadelphia accident victims. As a young man, Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Gary Brod was a Philadelphia cab driver in the city and early on became familiar with the dangerous streets and intersections and in particular, Northeast Philadelphia. Being a local Philadelphia lawyer with firsthand knowledge of the streets in Philadelphia is a plus when negotiating a settlement for an accident victim or presenting the facts to a jury.  When you have an accident in Northeast Philadelphia, the lawyer you choose makes a difference in getting the best result possible. That is why you want a local Philly Lawyer in the truest sense who has the "home field" advantage regarding every aspect of your case.

The Brod Law Firm Named on Expertise List of Best Philadelphia Car Accident Law Firms for 2023

Besides many of the other accolades, received by this firm, Expertise has named top Philadelphia personal injury law firm, The Brod Law Firm, among the best Philadelphia Car Accident Law firms. The goal of expertise is to connect people with the best local experts. In order to be chosen,car accident lawyers were scored on 25 variables. The firms are hand selected based upon independent review of reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism. The expertise list of top personal injury law firms in Philadelphia is not paid advertising.

We appreciate being chosen among the most qualified and thoroughly reviewed professionals in motor vehicle law.

Keep in mind that when you make a claim or file a lawsuit, it is the insurance company that pays your claim or award from a lawsuit, not the actual party involved unless they are a large company who is self-insured.

Where Do Car Accidents In Philadelphia Happen Most Offen?

For being such an integral part of how we live in the United States, driving a car is shockingly dangerous. The weight of many cars – some coming in at several thousand pounds – combined with the speed we drive them, make them easily capable of inflicting serious injuries if anything should go wrong. And things do go wrong. Car accidents happen at a distressing regularity in Northeast Philadelphia, from your simple fender-bender in a parking lot to a high-speed collision in Interstate 95 or on the Roosevelt Boulevard at Cottman Avenue or Red Lion Road, Grant Avenue, Bustleton Avenue,  Knights Road and Verree Road. See where accidents occur at dangerous intersections in Philadelphia.

Many of these crashes result in people getting hurt or, worse, killed. Even the best safety mechanisms and precautions cannot prevent all of the dangers that come with a serious car accident. If you are looking for a top rated lawyer who is highly skilled in getting you the money you deserve to be compensated for for your injuries and lost income due to an accident that is not your fault, you need not look further. Attorney Gary Brod is a dyed in the wool Philadelphia car accident lawyer with over 32 years experience devoted exclusively to representing injured car accident victims, not insurance companies who will do whatever is necessary to secure you a top result as quickly as possible without sacrificing the value of your settlement.

Recent Recoveries among many others (2019)

$795,000.00 Settlement: 41 Year old produce deliveryman was involved in intersectional collision with cement truck in South Philadelphia. He suffered scalp laceration, chip fracture of lower lumbar vertebrae, herniated disc of the neck with possibility of surgery and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. The case was settled 43 days after suit was filed.

$939,492.00 Settlement. 37 year old postal worker, father of two young children rearended by construction vehicle while delivering mail. No prior history of injuries. Herniated disc in neck and back and knee fracture. He required two back surgeries and was out of work for over 1 year.

Why Hire A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer In An Auto Accident Case?

  • Help With Getting Your Bills Paid.
  • We Don't Get Paid Unless We Win
  • You Need No Money To IMMEDIATELY Hire Me
  • Handling All Insurance Paperwork
  • Protecting Your Legal Rights Now and In The Future
  • Helping You In Dealing With Your Doctors
  • Five Star***** Client Reviews
  • Answering All Your Questions About Your Legal Rights
  • Answering All Your Questions About Auto Insurance
  • Answering All Questions About Your Medical Care
  • Giving You Needed Peace Of Mind
  • Getting You A Settlement That Is Enough To Compensate You

CAUTION-IMPORTANT- If you're involved in an AUTO accident DO NOT say anything to any insurance company just yet. If you are contacted be polite, business like and firm in your tone and let them know you are hurt but not in condition to discuss anything with them and can't agree with anything now. Get their name, telephone number and claims information, thank them and contact your auto accident lawyer. See three biggest mistakes.

Why Choose Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Gary Brod?

  1. Local Lawyer Established in Philadelphia for 30 years
  2. Best Law Firms In America Member 2020
  3. Proven Experience and Results
  4. Insider knowledge of Insurance Company Policies and Operations
  5. Prompt, Personal Attention
  6. No Recovery/ No Fee Ever
  7. You Get a Dedicated Lawyer Who Is Working Continuously On Your Case Until Its Successful Conclusion.

Car Accident Statistics: Facing A Serious Problem

Every year, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), car accidents claim the lives of more than 37,000 people in the United States, alone. Additionally, 2.35 million others are hurt in car crashes in the States, with many of those injuries being serious and life-changing. All told, car accidents in the United States cost an estimated $230.6 billion every year, or an average of $820 per person.

Almost half of passenger vehicle occupants killed were not wearing seat belts according to the NHTSA. Research shows almost one in three fatalities involved drunk drivers or speeding. One in 10 fatalities involved distraction. Click here for a 2015 Lives Saved Research Note. Click here for a 2015 Overview.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that, on average, each emergency room visit that comes from a car accident – the CDC says there are approximately 2.5 million of them – costs $3,300. If these visits turn into a hospital stay, it can cost more in the range of $57,000.

And these are just the costs faced by those who survive. ASIRT says that, across the globe, car accidents have become the leading cause of death among people between the ages of 15 and 29, and the second leading cause of death worldwide among people between the ages of 5 and 14.

FAQ: Why does it take for a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney to frequently win favorable settlements in Philadelphia car accident cases?

Answer: Because we make it our top priority to know our cases well we can deal from strength, not weakness. We prepare each case from the beginning as if it would have to be tried in a Philadelphia courtroom. Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Gary Brod begins meticulous and painstaking preparation of his cases for trial from the moment he represents his clients. He fully prepares the case to go to trial, hires the most qualified experts, does in-depth and detailed investigation and researches every point of law about the case. The defendant and the defendant's insurance company know of our years of experience and successful track record and will see how well prepared we are. This approach has rewarded our injured clients with substantial awards and settlements. Because of our extensive experience, we  are knowledgeable about numerous strategies available to help you obtain a maximum financial recovery after a car accident. As we are well-known and respected by our peers in the legal community, we are often able to quickly resolve your claim in ways that meet or exceed your expectations. Approximately 90% our Philadelphia motor vehicle cases reach satisfactory settlements.


Common Injuries in Philadelphia Car Accidents

There are numerous variables that can impact whether you get hurt in a car accident, as well as what your injuries are and how severe they turn out to be. Speed is just one of these factors, with high-speed crashes leading to much more severe injuries than low-speed collisions. However, other factors like whether you were using a seat belt, whether the airbags deployed, which direction the accident came from, and even where you were looking can have a huge impact on your well-being after the crash.

  • Bumps and bruises are likely the least severe but the most common type of injury suffered in a car accident. However, these black and blue marks can hide more serious issues, like slight fractures that can require medical attention.
  • Broken bones are another common type of injury suffered in car accidents. Just like with car accident injuries in general, broken bones come in a variety of shapes and severities, with some requiring extensive surgeries to correct.
  • Scrapes and cuts can also range from small to extreme. High-speed collisions that snap metal and break glass frequently lead to terrible cuts and lacerations that require immediate medical attention and can result in significant disfigurements.
  • Head injuries are one of the most severe types of injuries you can suffer in a car accident. Even small head impacts can have significant consequences. Concussions happen whenever your brain hits the inside wall of your skull. This can happen with a surprisingly small jolt.
  • Whiplash is also a typical car accident injury. It is one that is often overlooked, yet can be debilitating over a long period of time. The areas that are especially susceptible to whiplash – your neck and spine – are body parts crucial for daily movement, making whiplash a particularly debilitating injury.

All of these injuries have the potential to severely impact your life and your well-being for years after the accident. Many of them can require numerous medical procedures to correct, which can result in the accumulation of an alarming number of medical and hospital bills. Getting adequate compensation from the ones responsible for your injuries can make a huge difference in your financial well-being after a crash.

Common Question: After a car accident: What steps do I take to get my medical bills paid?

ANSWER:  No matter who is at fault, you must go through your own company to pay your medical expenses  If you do not own a car and have no auto insurance you would be covered by the car or whatever vehicle you are riding in at the time of the accident. For further information on accident victims rights see FAQS

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you get involved in a car accident, your initial response can alter how things go in the long run.

The first thing to do after a car accident is to make sure you are okay. If you suffered a significant injury, there is not much else that you can do – you need to wait for emergency personnel to arrive and take you to a hospital where you can receive immediate medical treatment.

If you made it through the crash unscathed or with only minor injuries that do not require immediate care, you can help yourself in the future by recording important information about the crash. This includes:

  • The exact time and location of the crash,
  • The name, address, phone number, and insurance company of the other people involved in the crash,
  • The name, address, and phone number of anyone who saw the accident firsthand.

Additionally, if you have a smartphone or a camera on hand, taking pictures of the accident and the surrounding scene can make a huge difference. See our vehicle accident FAQ section for further information.

You should contact us as soon as possible after the accident so we can tell you about your rights and possibly start investigating the accident but we don't normally race to the courthouse to file a lawsuit. We let some time pass so we can get the facts of the accident and understand its full impact on you (the harm it's done to you physically, emotionally and financially) before negotiating with an insurance company, let alone filing a lawsuit. A quick settlement could cost you far more than you gain.

Contact us online or call our law office at 1-888-435-7946 (888-HELPWIN). Even if you are not sure you have  a case call us. There is never a charge for receiving personal legal advice from Gary Brod, a seasoned personal injury auto accident attorney. Even if you are not sure if you have a case please call us for straightforward no-nonsense answers to your legal questions. We do not charge you for legal advice. We also serve all of the state of Pennsylvania. At The Brod Law Firm our personal injury attorneys work for victims rights. Because Lawyer Gary Brod has been widely known and has been verified as the voice of injured victims consistently for over 30 years you will be assured that he is 100% in your corner.

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