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You are probably viewing this site for yourself or someone who has been badly injured in a motor vehicle accident who lives in or near the Lancaster County area. Being in a motor vehicle accident is one of the most disruptive and immediately traumatizing events that can happen to a person. In one moment you may be thinking about what you have planned when you arrive at your destination when in a instant your focus is interrupted by the feeling of a tremendous impact possibly causing you to lose control of your vehicle and then wondering next, when and how its going to end. 

The Brod Law Firm's expert Lancaster County area car accident attorneys headed by top rated lawyer, Gary Brod have fought hard to recover just compensation for residents of or those seriously injured in Lancaster County for over thirty years and have amassed many noteworthy results.

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Lancaster County is a tourist mecca of central Pennsylvania with its scenic countryside dotted with farmland that comprises the iconic Amish Country. One recurring problem we have seen here are there are many motorists in Lancaster County unfamiliar with the area distracted by its natural surroundings who do not pay as much attention as they normally would. We have successfully resolved many motor vehicle accident claims in Lancaster County involving all types of vehicles, including Amish horse and buggys, tractors, construction vehicles, commercial vehicles of all types and tractor-trailers. Despite its high population and rapid development, Lancaster County is home to about 90 dirt and gravel roads that collectively stretch more than 50 miles.

For being such an integral part of how we live in the United States, driving a car is shockingly dangerous.The weight of many cars – some coming in at several thousand pounds – combined with the speed we drive them, make them easily capable of inflicting serious injuries if anything should go wrong. And things do go wrong. Car accidents happen constantly, from your simple fender-bender in a parking lot to a high-speed collision on Interstate 76, 78 Route 222 or 272. In Lancaster County, two of the roads with high crash rates might not be the most highly traveled, but have tricky sharp S-curves. One is Hempland Road, a local road in West Hempfield Township, and the other, Reinholds Road, a state route in East Cocalico Township. Many of these crashes result in people getting hurt or, worse, killed. Even the best safety mechanisms and precautions cannot prevent all of the dangers that come with a serious car accident.

Here are other Lancaster County state roads with high crash numbers:

  • Plum Street: 2,274 vehicles per day; 23 crashes; 0.86 severity.
  • Greenville Road: 619 vehicles; 24 crashes; 1.26 severity.
  • Franklin Road: 885 vehicles; 12 crashes; 1.06 severity.
  • Rawlinesville Road: 574 vehicles; 15 crashes; 1.14 severity.
  • Cider Press Road: 454 vehicles; 11 crashes; 1.15 severity.
  • Lititz Road: 16 crashes; 16 injuries; 9.1 severity.
  • Granite Run Road: 33 crashes; 18 injuries; 13.08 severity.
  • Parkview Heights Road: 17 crashes; 16 injuries; 8.09 severity.
  • Plaza Blvd. (two sections): 16/11 crashes; 12/9 injuries; 16.5-17 severity

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At The Brod Law Firm, we are advocates for victims of automobile accidents in Lancaster County. Auto accident attorneys at our firm work tirelessly with the medical and legal community to increase awareness about the long-term effects of soft-tissue injuries. We know that whiplash victims can continue to experience symptoms even well after the accident has occurred. A study by the Clinical Neuroscience Department at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden found that victims of whiplash often report continued symptoms up to seven years after the original injury!

Though all passengers who are involved in rear-end collisions can experience whiplash symptoms, women are more likely to sustain serious whiplash injuries. A likely explanation for this trend is that women have smaller muscles in their necks. By retaining a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer from The Brod Law Firm, you will take the first step to finding the compensation you need to combat whiplash injuries.

Our car accident lawyers serving Lancaster County are well aware that the pain and suffering caused by automobile accidents do not end directly after the accident. That's why we continue to support our clients even after the case is over.

What to Do if You Have Been Injured in an Accident In Lancaster County

Our Lancaster County car accident attorneys recommend that you take several important steps after an automobile accident. First, insist upon receiving immediate medical attention. Even if you do not feel injured at the moment, it is possible that you will develop injuries later. If you feel any pain at all, no matter how insignificant it seems at the time, please let the medical provider who examines you aware of any pain, discomfort or immobility. If you are in a motor vehicle accident of any type, Pennsylvania law pursuant to 75 Pa. Cons. Stat.section 3746, requires that your accident should be immediately and quickly reported to the police when there is an injury or death or when the vehicle is immobile or too dangerous to be moved. If a police officer does not show up as as required by section 3746 to investigate and file a report, what should you do? Section 3747 requires that the driver or owner must take the responsibility to file their own report. This must be submitted in writing within five (5) days of the accident. Don't give in to pressure to sign anything shortly after an accident  that relinquishes your right to make a claim in exchange for a sum of money when you are hurt and unsure of the full extent of your injuries. See three biggest mistakes that can hurt your case.

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Finally, contact The Brod Law Firm to consult with one of our expert Pennsylvania car accident lawyers regarding your collision. Remember, time is of the essence and it is possible that your attorney can gain valuable information soon after the collision that he or she might not be able to gather later. It does not cost you a penny to speak to Gary directly toll free for advice.

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