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You are probably viewing this site for yourself or someone else who has been badly injured after being hit by a car who lives in or near the Lancaster County area. It is an unavoidable fact that fatalities and many more cases of serious injuries are reported each year as a result of pedestrian accidents. In Lancaster County alone approximately 6 to 12 pedestrians lose their lives each year with hundreds seriously injured as pedestrians. Pedestrian safety in Lancaster County is not a new issue. In 2014, 11 pedestrians were killed in vehicle accidents in the county. Last year, eight pedestrian fatalities were recorded. Many folks are concerned about the dangers to pedestrians in downtown Lancaster.

At The Brod Law Firm, our Lancaster, Pennsylvania car accident lawyers are retained by our injured pedestrian clients to fight for their rightful compensation from the neglectful and reckless drivers who cause their serious injuries. Top rated pedestrian accident attorney Gary Brod has successfully represented more than 475 serious injury cases involving pedestrians struck by various motor vehicles including automobiles, construction vehicles, buses, taxis, trolleys and tractor trailers. He has obtained over 139 settlements and judgments greater than $100,000.00 for seriously injured pedestrians.

According to The NHTSA the Nation lost 35,092 people in crashes on U.S. roadways during 2015, an increase from 32,744 in 2014. The 7.2-percent increase is the largest percentage increase in 50 years.

Since it is the duty of the driver and the pedestrian to obey all traffic laws, the victim and his or her personal injury attorneys must prove in court that the another party was negligent. In most cases, the driver of the car, truck or other motor vehicle will be the defendant, since the pedestrian is most likely to suffer serious injuries. If a lawsuit has to be filed the burden of proving negligence rests with the victim who is called the plaintiff as opposed to the defendant who allegedly caused the injuries. Unlike the criminal law where guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the plaintiff in an auto accident civil case need only prove a preponderance. A preponderance means only after all the evidence is heard a tipping of the balance ever so slightly in favor of the plaintiff wins the case. See our vehicle FAQ for more answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Question: How does limited tort come into play if I am struck by a car as a pedestrian?

ANSWER: If you have Limited Tort Coverage it does not apply to pedestrians.

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At The Brod Law Firm serving Lancaster County, our car accident lawyers successfully litigate and settle our seriously injured pedestrian accident cases each year and obtain top recoveries for our clients.

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The Brod Law Firm's experienced Lancaster County pedestrian accident attorneys litigate and settle many successful pedestrian accident cases each year and achieve top results. The roads in Lancaster County can be especially hazardous for pedestrians as the area sees continuing growth. We see pedestrian accident cases from all of Lancaster County,Pennsylvania as we represent many persons who either live, work or visit the popular area. We have successfully resolved over 301 pedestrian accident claims in Lancaster County alone involving mostly from being struck by motor vehicles at intersections.

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