About Attorney Gary Brod

As a personal injury trial attorney with a practice dedicated solely and exclusively to representing seriously injured individuals for over 30 years, some might say he literally lives, breathes, eats and sleeps for his clients. No one knows this better than his clients when they receive return telephone calls or emails from him, any time a response is needed... even on the weekends!  His clients are not big companies. They are regular people and the driving force behind his work is the motivation to help them. The commitment he shows to his clients has been consistently validated, in writing, through our clients' many unsolicited hand written letters, testimonials and 5 star reviews.

 He was born in Philadelphia as well as both his parents, who were a part of the so called  "Greatest Generation", his father having fought in WWII. They exemplified the strong work ethic of working full time until retirement while raising three children. His first job in the city was as a food and beverage vendor working the stands at Phillies home games and the Army Navy games during High School. While in college he worked in the summers starting the day as a house painter, painting interiors, exteriors, climbing high roofs, eaves, using scaffolds, you name it etc. Afterwards, he went to his second job working the 4:00 p.m. to midnight shift as a cab driver in Philadelphia for Yellow Cab Company. During xmas and spring breaks he drove for cab companies in the outlying suburban counties.

After law school he worked in a general litigation firm handling criminal defense, divorce, insurance defense and civil rights which introduced him to work in the courtroom. While newly married he left a secure position in a firm as a personal injury trial attorney to start his own practice. He thought, here is a window of opportunity to launch a practice before raising a family came into the picture . Some have asked "How did he start this law practice?"  The answer is when he opened his first office, he had less than a handful of cases and his wife was keeping them afloat with her salary as an early childhood education director/teacher. Given the pressure and uncertainty, he treated each case as if it was the only case, because it was!  Since he felt his very survival and client's satisfaction were dependent upon results, he developed the habit and resolve to go for the "home run" if the case warranted it, no matter how big or small. The added bonus was his own satisfaction in knowing that hard work and perseverance have possibly produced life changing results for someone. It also reinforced the notion of what a weighty responsibility it was to be entrusted with representing another person and unquestionably you were going to give it your all knowing you were your client's best shot because it was their only case.  He is appreciative of the opportunity to make a positive impact on every client's life that he has the honor of representing and some have remained not only clients, but count upon him as a friend.

 Quality Representation With The Focus On Results Has Always Been The Firm's Driving Force

The goal and pride in providing quality representation has also been a driving force behind this firm and whenever I am handing my injured client's check to them I feel as though I'm giving them back a piece of their life. 

I am proud of the fact this firm was literally built, "brick by brick", case by case, one client at a time. I consider it an honor and privilege to serve you and your family. When a person entrusts me and I accept to represent them, I don't take that relationship and responsibility lightly.  As a well established Pennsylvania injury law firm, my mission has been simple; to treat each client as we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. As a result of this care, we regularly have individuals coming to this office that were referred by my very first generation of clients over 30 years ago.

In addition to being a successful practicing personal injury lawyer, Gary R. Brod, a relentless champion of the rights of injured victims has consistently contributed to LAWPAC since 1987, which is a non-profit organization at the state and national level devoted to the right, as guaranteed by the constitution, of all persons to have unimpeded access to the courts for meritorious claims resulting from the wrongful actions of individuals, governmental entities and corporations.

 If I can ever be of assistance in your time of need, please do not hesitate to call me personally at 215-247-0255 or 610-375-9009. Our office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was founded 36 years ago, the Reading Pennsylvania office was opened  28 years ago and we have been in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania for over 25 years. Now, I want to hear your story.

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Trusted and respected for over 30 yrs we have been the law firm of choice for injured Pennsylvania accident victims and their families Whether you were injured in a car accident, slip and fall or have been the victim of medical malpractice we are here to help right now. Our clients are our best spokespersons.

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We know this is your one case and no stone is left unturned regardless of the severity of your injury or if it concerns the death of a loved one. We know how the insurance companies operate inside and out. We have the skills and experience to effectively communicate the magnitude of your pain and suffering in a manner that will generate the maximum recovery for you. Speak to attorney Gary Brod today for no charge.