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The motorcycle crash is probably one of the most frightening types of experiences you can imagine and can happen in a split second because of the direct and immediate force of the impact on all parts of your body. The motorcyclist is not restrained by a seat belt and is often thrown off the bike by the high speed and tremendous force involved, often resulting in painful and debilitating injuries in that split second. Your life has changed, everything was fine just a day ago. Broken bones, fractured ribs, head injuries, internal injuries, friction burns and numerous scrapes and contusions often result from the motorcycle crash. Now your life feels in complete turmoil. You may be in the hospital hurting badly. Nothing the insurance company tells you makes any sense and you feel you are getting nowhere with them. Your bike is badly damaged. You are unable to work and on top of that you have bills to pay and others you have to take care of. You keep replaying the accident over and over in your head wondering if you could have done anything differently to avoid the crash.You have many questions but no immediate answers. You wonder, what do I do now? Will my life ever get back to normal? What steps should I be taking at this moment? Do I need a lawyer?

Recent Recoveries:

POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT  for Wrongful Death from the responsible motorist's insurance carrier and additional $500,000.00 POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT from applicable Underinsured Motorist Carrier : Retired 59 year old motorcycle rider and married father of three was struck at intersection and succumbed from internal injuries after brief hospitalization.

$250,000.00 POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for 27 year old motorcycle rider who sustained fractured wrist and shoulder dislocation when motorist disregarded stop sign.

Because he has over 30 years experience exclusively representing injured motorcycle riders, Top Rated Philadelphia motorcycle attorney, Gary Brod knows how to get the insurance companies to listen, take your case seriously and get them to pay you what you deserve. You can trust Gary Brod and his team to handle your motorcycle accident with individualized personalized attention and top representation.

Question: When I am hurt in a motorcycle accident how do I get paid for my damages to my motorcycle and for pain and suffering?

Answer: Keep in mind that when you make a claim or file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania the insurance company pays you, not the actual party involved unless they are a large company who is self-insured.

As an established motorcycle accident lawyer who has offices in Philadelphia, attorney Gary Brod has the the home field advantage  with his insider knowledge of insurance companies, in knowing the court procedures, court personnel and in having familiarity with the judges and lawyers all of which place him in the best position to obtain top settlements.

OUR PLEDGE: You Will Not Have An Inexperienced Associate Handling Your Case. You are hiring top rated award winning Philadelphia personal injury attorney Gary Brod to handle your motorcycle case from start to finish with the goal of achieving the top results you deserve.

Many people throughout Pennsylvania and the United States choose to ride motorcycles because they can be fun and economical. Unfortunately, bikes have little protection in the event of a motorcycle crash, leading to far more serious injuries than normal car accidents. However, most motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles are not the fault of the person riding the bike. Motorcyclist deaths increased over 8% IN 2015 according to the NHTSA. NHTSA also noted human factors continued to contribute to the majority of crashes.

To get the most favorable results for your motorcycle injury claim in Philadelphia it is necessary that your attorney know what is involved when a motorcycle rider is struck by a car or truck. The Brod Law Firm headed by top rated attorney, Gary Brod has extensive experience with motorcycle crashes and all the issues that arise from being seriously injured. We have been there countless times before, firsthand, seeing the pain you suffer and are here to help ease the unexpected burdens with which you face due to no fault of your own.



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Expertise has named top rated Philadelphia personal injury law firm, The Brod Law Firm, among the best Philadelphia Car Accident Law firms. The goal of expertise is to connect people with the best local experts. In order to be chosen,car accident lawyers were scored on 25 variables. The firms are hand selected based upon independent review of reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism. The expertise list of top motorcycle accident attorneys is not paid advertising.

We appreciate being chosen among the most qualified and thoroughly reviewed professionals in motor vehicle law.

Not Just A Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Handling Motorcycle Accidents

Many personal injury attorneys call themselves "motorcycle accident lawyers," although they have no proven experience or results in this legal specialty. You have come to the right place if you are seeking a true motorcycle accident attorney who gets results. There are some lawyers who claim to be motorcycle attorneys although they just give money to motorcycle organizations but have never even operated a motorcycle! Top rated motorcycle attorney Gary Brod has been litigating and settling motorcycle cases for more than three decades. He has successfully resolved more than 241 motorcycle cases in various jurisdictions throughout Pennsylvania, including Berks, Montgomery,  Philadelphia and 44 other Counties, as well as nationwide. He takes special pride in representing motorcycle injury accident victims because he is a motorcycle rider himself.

Because Gary Brod, is a top rated Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer who knows the law, rides a bike and knows how to try motorcycle cases and win them, he also knows how to win motorcycle accident settlements.

We care. See what others have said about how this office has taken care of them in their time of need. See how we are rated by other lawyers and clients.

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What sets this firm apart is that Philadelphia Motorcycle Attorney Gary Brod who heads the firm, possesses the unique attribute of on-the-road experience in his handling of all motorcycle cases as he is a licensed motorcycle rider in Pennylvania. Not only is he licensed but he has taken the Pennsylvania State Motorcycle Safety Course and scored a 99% on the written test.  Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience many times more physically and mentally demanding than operating an automobile. No one can claim to stand in the shoes of a motorcycle rider, except another rider. By virtue of his experience, Philadelphia biker attorney Gary Brod is well versed in the mechanics of an accident, motorcycle injuries, and motorcycle law and safety. Only another experienced motorcycle rider has the perspective from the rider's standpoint to effectively and credibly communicate from that vantage point to obtain maximum leverage at the negotiating table or courtroom. He's a lawyer who understands what motorcyclists deal with, and when you speak with him, you'll see that he treats motorcyclists with the respect, understanding, and attention they deserve. Attorney Gary Brod is fully committed to representing Philadelphia motorcycle riders.

What Do You Get When You Choose Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Attorney Gary Brod?

  1. Local Lawyer Established for 30 Years
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  4. Top Reviews***** by Injured Riders
  5. Prompt, Personal Attention
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  7. Your Lawyer Is a PA Licensed Motorcycle Rider
  8. We have convenient in home and hospital visits at no charge!

Motorcycle Crashes are Often More Serious than Car Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycles are less visible to other drivers and offer significantly less in the way of protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. As a result, on a per mile basis, the number of motorcyclists who lost their life in 2014 was 27 times the number of car drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that, in 2010, 4,518 motorcyclists lost their lives in bike crashes, while an estimated 96,000 were hurt.

The cost of both fatal and non-fatal injuries in a motorcycle totaled $12.9 billion in 2010, alone.

Motorcycle Accidents Typically the Fault of Car Drivers

While there is a common assumption that motorcycle drivers are far more risky on the roads than anyone else, statistics suggest otherwise.

In fact, while motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in single-vehicle accidents, those that include other vehicles are typically the fault of the non-motorcyclist. A study done by the University of South Florida's Center for Urban Transportation Research found that 60% of the motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle were the fault of the other car.

For motorcyclists, this is no surprise. The feel of the road right beneath our heels makes us appreciate the danger of driving far more than someone inside a car. When surrounded by cars that motorcyclists can reach out and touch, riders keep their eyes on the road and do not let themselves become distracted by anything that can impair their riding.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at The Brod Law Firm

Being involved in an accident while on a motorcycle often leaves you with serious injuries such as multiple fractures of the arms, legs, pelvis, traumatic brain injury and painful friction burns of the skin that require extensive hospitalization. The long recovery time that comes with a bike accident often includes huge medical bills, lost wages, and terrible of pain and suffering.

This is why the attorneys at The Brod Law Firm go out of our way to represent victims of motorcycle accidents. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered serious injuries in it, we will fight for your rights and interests both in court, against the person responsible, and out of court, against any insurance company that tries to short-change you on the financial help that you need to make a full recovery.

If you or someone you love has been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact The Brod Law Firm online or at 1-888-435-7946 (888-HELPWIN) for the top legal representation that you need. Even if you are not sure you have a case give us a call as it will cost you nothing to speak to Gary Brod. Our law offices serve all of Pennsylvania.

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