Ikea To Pay $50 Million To Families After Defective Dressers Kill 3 Toddlers

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The loss of any individual is hard on surviving family members and loved ones. Funeral arrangements, expenses, and finding ways to cope without the person are obstacles most bereaved families face in the aftermath of death. Although each loss is unfortunate, the grief and disorientation of loved ones who have to file a lawsuit for a preventable death is unmatched. Knowing that the person could still be here if it wasn't for a mistake on behalf of a person or organization can definitely take families and acquaintances through a rollercoaster of emotions. This occurrence is called a wrongful death. In the eyes of the law, surviving members of the family deserve monetary compensation for the funeral, lost wages, and the loss of companionship they've endured. Recently it's been reported that three sets of parents are set to receive $50 million from Ikea for their children who died when dressers toppled on top of them.

According to a recent article, the time of deaths spanned from 2014 onward, around the time when the defective Malm dresser became available for purchase. One of the parent's involved in the suit, Janet McGee, said her 1-year-old son Theodore was crawling around in his room when a Malm dresser collapsed on him last year. Her belief is that the accident was totally preventable. Other plaintiffs, Curren Collas, a 2-year-old from Pennsylvania, and 2-year-old Camden Ellis from Washington were also toppled by the Malm dressers in 2014.

In the suit filed in Pennsylvania, there were allegations suggesting Ikea had prior knowledge of the defective dressers and still continued to sell them, while Ikea rebutted that the families had not followed the instructions of supporting the dressers with anchors in the wall. Nevertheless, the plaintiff's legal representation revealed that the confidential paperwork the company was ordered to turn over to attorneys provided more than enough leverage for a settlement.

Just six months after the deaths of the plaintiffs and several similar accidents, Ikea incited a massive recall of a whopping 29 million dressers, deeming the gesture the largest furniture recall in U.S. history. The company had finally admitted that the dressers posed a risk of tipping and falling on top of small children. In response, Ikea's recall assistance hotline garnered an overwhelming number of callers.

After two days of mediation, it was decided that the $50 million award will be split between all three sets of parents. Also, as part of the settlement, Ikea has agreed to give $50,000 in donations to three children's hospitals on behalf of the boys. Although the parents received a monetary award, they'll still have to cope with life after the death of their child.

“We would never want other parents to have to experience what we have been forced to endure,” parent McGee said. This has been a tragic, heartbreaking season for us and our family, and no amount of money will make up for the loss of our sweet little boy.”

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