Study Finds Worst Philadelphia Intersections for Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian accidents are some of the most serious types of car accidents. When two cars collide, the drivers and passengers in both vehicles are protected by over a thousand pounds of metal and plastic, as well as numerous safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags. When a car hits a pedestrian, however, the pedestrian has almost no protection. The result is often catastrophic.

In an attempt to collect data and better protect pedestrians on the streets of Philadelphia, the urban development organization PlanPhilly looked at the numerous intersections in our city to determine which were the most dangerous for pedestrians.

Philadelphia's Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians

The result of PlanPhilly's study was an interactive map of downtown Philadelphia, with each intersection rated for its safety. The intersections were ranked based on the foot traffic that they regularly see, as well as the number of car accidents that happened in the intersection that involved pedestrians, along with numerous other factors.

According to the study, 9 of the 25 worst intersections were on Broad Street. Overall the ten worst intersections in the city are:

  1. Broad and Olney
  2. 5th and Olney
  3. Cottman and Bustleton
  4. 11th and Market
  5. Broad and Race
  6. Broad and Girard
  7. 16th and JFK
  8. 40th and Market
  9. Broad and Snyder
  10. Frankford and Cottman

For many of these intersections, wide roads with several lanes come face-to-face with heavy foot traffic from nearby subway stops, making the perfect storm for pedestrian accidents.

While PlanPhilly's study paints these intersections as the worst in the city, they are not the only places in the city where pedestrians get hurt by passing vehicles. Since 2008, an average of 1,700 pedestrians in Philadelphia have gotten hit by cars. In total, 195 have been killed during that time.

Increased Urban Population Stresses Need for Safety Measures

The high number of pedestrian accidents showcase the need for increased safety measures, especially in light of the fact that, since 2006, the number of people who have chosen to live in urban areas has drastically increased. With more people living and working in downtown areas, like in Philadelphia, protecting walkers from drivers and ensuring that pedestrians are not put in harm's way has become increasingly important.

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